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Each year, CES brings together professionals across different industries to talk about tech and the impacts on business. This year’s CES was all digital, which speaks both to how the world is reacting to COVID and what long term effects we can expect in the gaming and entertainment industries when delivering content. It’s sad to say, the days of seeing our favorite entertainers and shows have passed and likely will not return for a long while. The good news that has only been further confirmed by CES 2021 is that we are in a prime position to bring content to possibly more people than ever before by going digital.

The internet empowers people and amplifies just about everything it touches. Big news becomes bigger and finding what you want or need is now instant. Content is no different and it is increasing in discoverability, presentation, and demand. The demand for more and higher quality content online pushes companies like ourselves at Antares Gaming to find creative solutions on engaging people at home. We are using gaming to bring celebrities closer to their fans and communities, and by connecting the two, we are able to spark conversation on those topics important to all of us.

We’re learning from CES that North American households are signing up for more streaming services, downloading more fitness apps and games, and spending more on hobbies and pets. People are spending more time and money on themselves during this pandemic, not only for entertainment purposes but also for betterment in different aspects of health. In the CES session “Eat, Drink, Play, Pay: Will We Ever be the Same?” the speakers discussed how Americans want to focus on their health, taking ‘work from home’ and adding ‘workout from home’. One of the stats shared was that 42% of Americans plan to be more physically active during the pandemic. Even more interestingly, 82% of American teens say that it’s important to have a conversation about mental health. Gamers have a bad rep for being ‘unhealthy’, but many are trying to break that stereotype and help each other in the process. Both physical and mental health are areas we want to promote through our platform. With the right team, we hope to bring the proper resources and conversations to gamers everywhere soon.

The main lesson that we are reminded of every CES is that anything can be magnified with the right technology. Pop-culture is magnified and now merging with gaming because people understand that the best way to catch wandering eyes and hold listening ears is by having fun. Athletes and medical professionals use gaming to talk about health. Politicians and entertainers use gaming to bring awareness to social issues and global topics. That is part of why we are so keen to create these communities for celebrities: to help important topics be heard and further echoed by the fans. Together, there’s no limit to what we can do using gaming and tech. Today, we are working with athletes, soon broader types of entertainers and pop-culture icons, and maybe next year we can help improve things like science and education all through the medium of video games.

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