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(Toronto, ON, Canada, Denver, Colorado, October 12, 2021) – Antares Gaming and Kungarna announce today their partnership with Dropper, a leading platform for collectible non-fungible tokens (“NFTs”). Our first NFT Gamer Collection launches on October 21st and will feature Fortnite superstar, Clix.

Clix boasts a total following of over 10 million fans, and now those fans have a chance to be a part of this historic event. Renowned as one of the best Fortnite players to ever play the game, Clix has produced thousands of hours of streaming content to amaze his fans. “Choosing from thousands of incredible moments, we joined Clix to create a collection of short videos that are both exquisite and unique for his community,” said Michael Padilla, founder of Kungarna.

NFTs have taken the internet by storm in 2021 and with an already booming market the Dropper team expects tremendous demand. “Dropper is a platform that enables celebrities and fans to engage at a completely new level in the digital world through digital merchandise. Fans want to be able to support and show that they’re a top fan of these celebrities, just like they do in the real world.

Dropper gives celebrities the tools to create gamified digital NFT experiences that go direct to their fans creating a new type of relationship,” said Eric Faust, CEO of Dropper. For Dropper, this is just the beginning. Dropper is currently working with several massive creators and influencers that are scheduled to launch NFT collections over the rest of the year. “Partnering with Dropper adds a new avenue of communication in gaming where creators can further propel their content to new heights and engage with millions of fans across the globe,” said Dushan Batrovic, CEO of Antares Gaming.

The Clix NFT Gamer Collection launch is a momentous occasion that unifies the two thriving worlds of Gaming and NFTs. “This launch will allow my fans to collect the greatest moments that we shared together,” said Cody “Clix” Conrad. “I look forward to building something really special with Antares, Kungarna and Dropper”. Clix’s manager, Michael Feldman said, “As a talent manager my job is to have my clients’ best interests at heart; and this project is a perfect example of the opportunity these young creators have to expand their brands with the technology of the future!”

Earlier this year, Antares Gaming and Kungarna combined to unify the worlds of pop culture and gaming to create a richer experience for fans. Our launch into the NFT market now adds a new way for fans to engage with their favorite content creators.


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Cody “Clix” Conrad is a 16-year-old Youtuber, Twitch streamer, and professional ‘Fortnite Battle Royale’ player who gained recognition after qualifying for Fortnite’s first annual World Cup 5x. Clix is known for being the best 1 v 1 player and is one of the youngest professional ‘Fortnite: Battle Royale’ players. Clix is currently one of the most successful streamers on the Twitch platform boasting 4.1 million followers. He has a combined following of 10 million across all socials.
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