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San Diego, California and Toronto, ON, Canada ‒ April 28, 2021 ‒ Antares Gaming today announced the launch of the NeverAlone Gaming Team, in partnership with Deepak Chopra and the Chopra Foundation. The Chopra Foundation’s mission is to reach at least one billion people with a message of promoting a more peaceful, just, sustainable, healthier, and joyful world. 

One of the most important communications channels in the world today is video gaming. Neuroscience is beginning to validate how gaming creatively engages people in many important ways that can unlock dimensions of healing, hope and happiness. We need to look at the different narratives around mental health and its stigma. Gaming has a way of breaking down barriers and opening a channel of understanding into a new world where bridges can be built to reach critical mass. “What if we could harness the excitement and emotional engagement of gaming to actually create a better world”, stated Deepak Chopra. “The Chopra Foundation is very excited to partner with Antares Gaming to explore all the dimensions of gaming related to social justice, economic justice and mental wellbeing”. 

Antares Gaming will enable important thought leaders, celebrities and artists, who are aligned with the Chopra Foundation’s mission, to build authentic connections with their fans. “This is about building a diverse community of all ages, genders, races and ethnicities and opening the broad possibilities that gaming has to offer,” said Dushan Batrovic, CEO of Antares Gaming. “We are extremely excited to partner with the Chopra Foundation to launch the NeverAlone Gaming Team. Gaming has become a critical channel throughout these trying times to show people that they are never alone. We look forward to accelerating the Chopra Foundation’s vision of reaching one billion people.” 

The NeverAlone Gaming Team will announce its initial celebrity partners in the coming weeks. Fans, stay tuned because Antares Gaming enables you to join the team, not just watch the team. The NeverAlone Gaming Website and Forum will be the hub of this new community (visit to learn more). While our celebrity gaming partners will be initial leaders in the space, it is truly a place to build space for every single person to share their interests, talents, passions, and ideas. NeverAlone Gaming extends beyond gaming tournaments – music playlists and collaborations, forum activities, book clubs, meditations, mental health hygiene tools, art projects, volunteer/community outreach programs and so much more! “The collaboration enables us to further our research and explore how video gaming can impact positive mental health and foster friendships — particularly when friends aren’t in the same geographical area,” says Poonacha Machaiah, CEO of The Chopra Foundation. If you want a forum to showcase your talent and interact with your favorite celebs on topics that are fun, educational and reinforce mental wellbeing, the NeverAlone Gaming Team is the ideal destination.


Antares Gaming designs, builds and operates gaming and esports teams for celebrities to help them engage millions of fans in the burgeoning new media channel of gaming. For more information, go to


The Never Alone Initiative of the Chopra Foundation a mental well-being and suicide prevention movement represents a collaboration of businesses, policy makers, mental health professionals, wellness initiatives, scientists, schools and more. Our goal – build mental health awareness, advance scientific research, work with policy-makers and create a global technology platform to democratize access to resources. For more information, go to


The Chopra Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) organization (#36-4793898) dedicated to improving health and well-being, cultivating spiritual knowledge, expanding consciousness, and promoting world peace to all members of the human family. For more information, go to

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